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About Us

The Real Estate Career Institute was established in 1995.

RECI was founded by Tony & Becky Rogers, knowledgeable Realtors with a passion for helping others getting started in the real estate business and then staying well educated on state and federal requirements.

RECI began as a classroom environment. And as a result of advances in web technology, RECI brings you the latest courses online. Our programmers strive to produce informative classes  - so your training is always up to date.

With a wealth of real estate knowledge and innovative course designing, we are proud to bring you a distance learning system that will engage the mind, interest the student, and offer a variety of different methods of online interactivity. The least we can do is make it fun!

Real Estate is your talent; Real Estate Education is ours. Thank you for choosing RECI.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide real estate professionals the highest quality internet-based courses that meet and exceed our client's expectations, providing extensive and useful knowledge in each subject offered. Our content will be continually monitored and updated to ensure that our courses are of the highest standards. Our staff will be diligent and timely when responding to our student's needs.