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How to use our system

How to use our system


Taking the course: After you complete your purchase, you will be directed to your very own “Home” page with all of your purchases listed. Click on “Launch” to begin your course. This course is delivered in Flash via an LMS System and will retain your most recent progress if you need to log off and come back later.  To exit the system, click on the red X located in the upper right hand corner of the course window (not to be confused with the red X that closes you out of the internet).  You know you have successfully closed when you are redirected to your “Home” page.  If you do not see a red X in your Course window, try exiting out by using CTRL + W on your keyboard.  This will also close out your window and save your last page read.

Easy return to the course: Bookmark our website,, select your state and then click on the "Student Login" button.  Enter your email and password exactly as you did upon registration (case sensitive), and you will be returned to your “Home” page.

Print your certification: Once you have completed the course and the final quiz, there will be an affidavit page for you to place your initials and then get your certification. An image of your certificate will appear. Click the Print button or use your browser's print functions to print out the certificate. You have completed the course!

Course Expiration:  All course lessons must be completed within one year of registration.  In some cases this could be less time due to your state’s renewal date.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide real estate professionals the highest quality internet-based courses that meet and exceed our client's expectations, providing extensive and useful knowledge in each subject offered. Our content will be continually monitored and updated to ensure that our courses are of the highest standards. Our staff will be diligent and timely when responding to our student's needs.